Story Lab

Martha Kearns is one of the speakers at Showcase your Creative Work Effectively in Sligo on 26 April.

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James Mckeon

With a lifelong history in Art and Design, James created Kiyoni with a vision to bring his designs into the fashion market.

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OLYART is a Galway-based enterprise run by Aleksandra Kieldanowicz and Joanna Zalech.

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Patrick McHugh

Patrick studied art and photography at SVA and Parsons School of Art and Design in NYC and later Information Technology at DCU in Ireland.

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Richard Skelton

Richard led the Irish branch of Mood Media – the world’s largest instore media provider for 10 years (2004-2010).

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Ashleigh Smith

One of the speakers at the Clare session will be Ashleigh Smith, founder of The Atlantic Equipment Project (AE).

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