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Michelle Ryan

Execution, 1920

Kiln cast bullseye glass

Closing the Circle

Kiln cast bullseye glass

Scatter & Contain

Engraving blown glass

Floating Crystal


Famine Village, Burren, Co Clare


Michelle Ryan

As an artist, I employ glass engraving, casting and printmaking to explore concepts of how memory is constructed. I create glass objects which function as printing devices and vitreographs from engraved glass. My favourite project, explored a false family memory created as a result of a traumatic experience of war.

I work with glass engraving, kiln casting and printmaking. Much of the work is inspired by the West of Ireland and history.

It encompasses solid cast glass rolling pins which operate as printing devices and an allegory for how memory is mapped in the brain.  The glass tiles are cast from cut linoleum prints.

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Prints & Drawings

Vitreographs (prints from glass plates) & Scre...

1. Michelle Ryan
Kiln Cast Glass

Techniques include pâte de verre, kiln casting an...

Michelle Ryan, Scatter & Contain, (series)
Engraved Glass

Hand engraved glass