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Nämforsen Keramik AB

Nämforsen Keramik AB

We do ceramics in stoneware, including sculptures, kitchen ware, tea sets, tableware and mugs.

Nämforsen Keramik, or Namforsen Ceramics, is a family run business located in Näsåker in Mid-Sweden. 

The heart of our operation is the pottery studio. 

In the studio we create ceramics in stoneware, working with pure natural Swedish clay from Fyle-dalen, as well as courses in pottery, glass fusing, watercolor and drawing as well as lectures about sustainability for individuals and companies.

Raku is a Japanese firing technique we also use apart from using our electric kiln

Firing directly at the object makes fire and soot create interesting and beautiful effects in the glaze using green, red and metallic coloring oxides, the actual firing takes place outdoors under roof where our home-built kiln is.

When you first enter the workshop, that is housed in the old barn, our gallery/shop is the first thing you see and it was built especially for art enthusiasts and exhibitors.

the old barn  is bright and beautifully decorated with wood-feeling. seasonal with periodical exhibitions, artists get an opportunity to exhibit here.

Requests for commissions are available, both useful and decorative objects.

In the shop you can buy different kinds of art and crafts – Welcome!