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Published: 7 Dec 2022

Arrange your living room virtually: 5 inspiring ideas

Do you want to know how to arrange your living room virtually? Discover 5 virtual space layout proposals from Homary decorators to inspire you for your future living room.

Arrange your living room virtually

The living room is the centerpiece of the apartment, in which we like to spend time relaxing or enjoying a convivial aperitif with our guests. It is therefore essential that its layout be adequate to feel good there. However, it is sometimes difficult to project yourself into an interior, even with inspirational images. Arranging your living room virtually is the solution!

From a few pieces of information, such as a plan and a few photos of your interior, Homary decorators model your property and offer you the best layouts and advice to help you feel at home and at home.

Do you still doubt? So, discover without further delay 5 inspiring ideas from our interior design specialists to arrange your living room virtually.

A friendly and modern living room

Choose bespoke furniture

For a virtual stay that is as functional as it is aesthetic, opt for custom-made furniture from Cuisinella. Indeed, Cuisinella offers you to build your furniture according to your request.

With these, you can choose the dimensions that suit your space, allowing you to install them where you want, without worrying, even in the most difficult areas to fit out, such as corners or attic walls.

Bespoke furniture gives the opportunity to be personalized. You will be able to choose the colors and materials of your choice in order to obtain a harmonious living space, decorated according to your tastes, regardless of the style chosen. You can also make this furniture modular by offering a multifunctional character.

Multiply the seats for a more welcoming interior

For a friendly and welcoming place to live, Homary decorators offer you in their living room creations to multiply different types of seats. Check now on Homary.com!

The sofa, the main element of the living room, sets the tone for the atmosphere and must have an important place in the environment. In addition, it is very user-friendly, because it allows you to settle in and enjoy it with others. For a friendly and warm atmosphere, Homary decorators opt for sofas with a low seat, rather generous and deep, the trend of the moment.

Added to this are poufs, chairs and armchairs that will make the living space more welcoming. These make it possible to create different zones in the living room and to modulate it according to different situations.

Arrange your living room virtually: a mix and match of modern styles

Ethnic, Scandinavian, contemporary, vintage style… the styles and sub-styles are numerous and it is sometimes difficult to choose just one when relooking your living space.

And yet. Homary decorators like modernity and offer you to mix different living room atmospheres, with harmony of course. And yes, it is happening.

As we can see on this virtual living room decoration project, the colors and materials remain quite classic, close to the contemporary style. The rather ethnic plants and wallpaper enhance and energize the style of the room.

Arrange your living room virtually in a small warm stay

A closed and well-arranged configuration

We see it everywhere, the trend of recent years is open living. But partitioning your living room also has many advantages. Indeed, by choosing to close it, Homary decorators create a real warm cocoon. In addition, this configuration prevents the diffusion of odors from the kitchen or dining room and reduces noise.

But the layout of a small closed living room must be well cared for. To do this, Homary decorators did not choose the placement of the furniture at random.

Indeed, the sofa, the main element of the living room, is installed against the wall to save space. The rest of the furniture intelligently invites itself around for ideal ergonomics.

Arrange your living room virtually: light colors to enlarge the area

In a closed space, you can sometimes feel cramped. The choice of materials and colors will therefore have an important role in making this cramped area more pleasant.

White, the luminous color par excellence, will be appropriate for the walls and the ceiling. This shade allows natural light to circulate easily to visually enlarge the living room.

In order to take advantage of the light from the bay window, our experts opted for light curtains as well as for a lesser thickness in order to let in as much light as possible.

And if you are afraid that your environment will become too impersonal, do not hesitate to add touches of pep’s through decoration and decorative objects by bringing color.

An open living space to set up your living room virtually

A user-friendly open configuration

Very trendy, the living space open to the dining room and/or the kitchen has become very common. Modern, this configuration allows a friendly and above all very welcoming atmosphere.

It is also a very practical layout, facilitating movement between areas and family moments.

However, certain criteria must be respected for a harmonious living environment. It is important to have a certain consistency in terms of decoration and style of furniture.

The living space should also be well defined, using furniture, such as carpet, or placed in a recess to obtain a relaxation area worthy of a small cocoon.

The trick to setting up your living room virtually

The sofa in the center of the living room: Risky or winning bet?

One might think that this diminishes the ergonomics of the place by complicating circulation. However, this arrangement has certain advantages. Indeed, this would first make a nice visual separation between the different functions (meal and living room for example).

In the center of the living space, the sofa will also set the tone for the decoration. It is around this that the other elements are organized. It is important then to choose a design, which directly attracts attention.

Creation of niche in the walls for more cachet

Wall niches, these small recesses present in the walls of a house are real architectural assets. Indeed, the latter have the ability to give an unequaled character to any wall and/or place.

In addition, they can have several functions. Store, decorate… an opportunity to bring a modern and original touch to your place of conviviality while being very functional.

Niches and recesses can be decorated with wallpaper, and also allow you to display attractive decorative objects.

A well-organized living space to set up your living room virtually

Separate spaces with a claustra

On this virtual living room development project, Homary decorators have chosen to add trellises to the light wood coverings. The claustra is very trendy at the moment and we understand why. Like the cleats, which look a lot like it, the claustra is as functional as it is aesthetic.

Indeed, in addition to being a very beautiful wall decoration, the claustra is yet another new way of separating spaces and functions while keeping the spaces bright.

In addition, made to measure, it can take the shape, color and size of your choice to harmonize perfectly with your interior and your desires.

Opt for a corner sofa

Welcoming and practical, this sofa is very popular for a modern living room. When you order a living room project, and if the m2 of your area allows it, Homary decorators regularly opt for this kind of sofa in a generous and ultra-comfortable format. With a maximum of seats, it is ideal for entertaining in the best conditions.

In addition, the angle of the latter can, as in this project, also serve as a delimitation of spaces.

Small model, right angle, left… many types of corner sofa exist to adapt to all interiors. So don’t wait any longer!

Decorate your TV corner

Just like the rest of the living room, the layout and decoration of the TV corner must be taken care of.

On this project, Homary decorators chose to paint this wall a different and darker color than the rest of the family place. A contrast is then created, emphasizing this wall and thus avoiding monotony in your interior.

Choosing a dark color is ideal for this area. Indeed, it brings depth  and it makes the space more marked and warmer.

A chic and original living room with the art deco style

Arrange your living room virtually by creating different spaces

If the volume of space allows it, creating different zones in the living room is a great idea.

Here, Homary decorators have chosen to add a lounge area in the living room by opting for two comfortable armchairs that surround a small coffee table. You can imagine drinking a little tea in good company, on a sofa or a velvet armchair.

Multiplying the seats gives the living room a warmer and more welcoming environment.

Different types of spaces can be easily created in the family place according to your desires. Virtually, Homary decorators can offer you many ideas such as the integration of a children’s play area or even an office area.

Arrange your living room virtually: a layout with two sofas