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Alistair R Jewellery

Alistair R Jewellery

Designer makers of elegant and stylish UK jewellery in semi- precious stones. Premium cufflinks in our own classic designs available online at https://www.alistairr.co.uk

I’m Alistair and a warm welcome to  Alistair R – lapidary and jewellery makers based in the North of Ireland.  A beautiful set of 18 Karat Gold and grey moonstone cufflinks and dress studs inherited from my grandfather ignited my passion for working with stone and precious metal many years ago. The epitome of simple and timelessly elegant design they were a gift of thanks – family jewellery given him by one fleeing persecution in his native country in the 1930’s. Embedded like the moonstones in gold, an immeasurable story of kindness, generosity and friendship at a very difficult time. Our lapidary and studio workshop handles many types of semi-precious stones and we have close partnerships with small businesses in Britain and Germany who make some components for us to our own designs. The cufflinks and necklaces are made in our own Northern Ireland workshop. Simplicity, subtlety, elegance are our watchwords, a style that whispers rather than shouts – the antithesis of bling. It is about the unique qualities of the stone, occasionally its subtle patterning or breathtaking imperfection and our own passion and commitment which courses through everything we do.