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Andrew Cooke Ceramics

Andrew Cooke Ceramics

artist working in ceramics creating a range of products from Didley Bo's to ceramic products, unique designs and restoration of old American cars

Andrew Cooke is an artist/maker specializing in ceramics. Born in Dundonald Co Down he spent a few years in Australia in the mid-1070s.His childhood and hobbys are a major inspiration for his practice. Andrew has his studio in the hills outside Belfast close to Newtownards and Bangor with views stretching to Scotland. After school Andrew went on to become a highly skilled car body repair specialist but developed Arthritis in his wrists at the age of forty. Having to give up the work he loved he turned his attention to his passion for art and he applied for and finished a degree in fine and applied art (ceramics) in 2012. His studio is based at an old stock car track his father ran in the 1970’s.If you are looking to find the quirky and unconventional, this is for you! Workshops and overnight camping and glamping pods are offered.