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Bernie Dignam Artist

Bernie Dignam Artist

I am located in the stunning landscape of Connemara, Co. Galway where I run a gallery that showcases my own and other artists work. I work in textiles, print-making and mixed media on a variety of themes, one of which is a response to the land, bog and seascapes around me.

I completed a Bachelor of Design in the D.I.T 1984-1988 with a further year of study at the Limerick School of Art in 1995. I am currently living in North West Connemara, I have been exhibiting my work since 2002 in Ireland and USA.  I have been a member of The Atlantic Artists group since 2003.  My work can be found in private collections in Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Turkey, USA, Australia and Singapore.

I like to respond intuitively to the ideas that capture my imagination. Drama in nature, particularly in relation to light, focuses my attention and offers me a challenge in representing this intensity in my environment. Most visitors to Connemara are only able to obtain fleeting impressions of the area’s visual richness and depth.  The elements of rain, wind, mist, fog and cloud can conceal aspects of the environment and make it difficult to explore.  The colours and tones are constantly changing and there is always a transient quality to the landscapes.  My work responds to the astonishing rapidity of the changes in the weather interacting with the solidity of the physical landscape.  At times the interaction creates striking, spectacular and beautiful combinations of colours, tones and textures.  The use of absorbent and reflective materials, in the pieces, attempt to capture this brilliant drama which occurs.

Print-making offers me a stark contrast to the intensity of colour and texture in the mixed media pieces.  Recent work in, Collograph, Copper Etching and Dry Point focuses on the theme of ‘Defining Boundaries’.  In this body of work land boundaries represent my own personal boundaries and their purpose in maintaining harmony in relationships. It also highlights an aspect of man’s relationship and interaction with the landscape.

Other work represents a response to ancient myth and it’s resonance in contemporary society. I enjoy working with a variety of themes & in a variety of media sometimes mixing these media to communicate the appropriate response.

Bernie Dignam Artist
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Bernie Dignam Artist
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