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Creative Clay

Creative Clay

Shannon, Co. Clare

Creative Clay

Creative Clay, beautiful unique ceramics designed and made in Co. Clare, Inspired by the beautiful and rugged landscape of the West of Ireland. I Create beautiful ceramics that will Inspire your Desire to own beautiful ceramics!

Handmade and hand painted Stoneware Ceramic Artwork for your home. Designed and made Raquel Walsh at Ballycasey Craft & Design Workshops in Co. Clare.

Each piece is individually hand made so no two pieces will ever be the same. Rolled out slabs of stoneware clay are cut out and made into wall plaques, square vases or large planters.

When I am creating a piece for creative clay I look at the clay in front of me and as I assemble it I allow the clay the help me form the shape the piece will take on. I want the edges to take on the appearance of being brittle and eroded by time and nature. The rugged weathered forms represent the erosion and fragility of the landscape due to the harsh conditions Mother Nature can create. The flora and fauna are a reminder that life can evolve and adapted to survive in the conditions it is presented with.

The Burren Collection is inspired by the beautiful, unique landscape and flowers of The Burren Co. Clare.