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Davin Larkin

Triad Coffee Table

Solid Walnut, Glass

Hex Lamp

Lime, Acrylic

Block Storage Modules

Solid Oak

Alpine Lounger

Solid Walnut, Canvas

Lanky Console Table

Solid Oak, Glass

Tower Display Unit

Solid Maple, Glass

Pinch & Splay Floor Lamps

Lime, Plywood

Plank Mirror

Solid Oak, Mirror

Museum Bench

Solid Oak

Spray Lamp

Lime, plywood

Davin Larkin

Davin says Welcome. Am I the Designer . Educator . Thinker . Maker you have been looking for?

Davin Larkin is a qualified furniture & industrial designer and a design educator with a wealth of experience in the Irish Furniture Industry.

Davin Larkin is dedicated to producing sleek, functional statement pieces that will add to your home for years to come.

Davin has been a lecturer in GMIT Letterfrack, The National Centre of Excellence for Furniture Design and Technology since 2011.



Davin found design to be his passion at a young age and has engrossed himself in it ever since. This passion has taken him to many places, near and far, driven by an urge to experience new people, places and experiences. This drive accompanied with study, work and life has helped him gather a set of varied skills that add to his toolkit as a designer. He continues to learn new things every day.


As Davin’s experience of design grows, more consideration has been given to the role designers play in society. Davin advocates a need for designers to consider both the sustainability of the products they produce but also the application of user first and universal design principals. Design should help solve our problems, not add more, an ethos Davin tries to follow with all his work.


Davin designs his own range of furniture and homewares and is always interested in new and exciting opportunities, so if you have any projects that you think would benefit from his input don’t hesitate to contact us.


Lecturing is always a challenging role and Davin feels it is extremely important for him to be practicing what he teaches. This profile is a showcase of some of his work. Learn about his role as a design educator.

Find out more at www.davinlarkin.com