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Designing Northern Interiors

Designing Northern Interiors

ARCESI OY is a design company specializing in interior decoration and furniture design. We focus on interior architecture, and space as an aesthetic, functional, and experiential concept.

Our location in the north, at the top of Rukatunturi Fell in Kuusamo offers us a creative and colourful natural environment with many magnificent decoration materials.

Deep understanding of the requirements of our clients, fluent communication, and reaching the set goals in a visually and functionally successful way is important to us.

We provide professional solutions to matters of interior decoration. We create comprehensive and detailed interior design plans. We are happy to take on all types of projects, from decorating entire building to designing the interior of a single room.

Our furniture and home accessory design service offers you individualized furnishings either as unique solutions, or using pieces from our collections. We design tables, footstools, sideboards, shelves, sofas, and different fixtures such as kitchens and cabinets.

We also design colourful wall textiles, harmonious rugs, and stylish wrought-iron pieces.

What is important is that our furnishings and accessories are practical and visually suitable for the interior design of the space. Appropriate materials and functionality are key factors in our pieces.

A successful décor is functional and welcoming, whether you are spending time at home or at work!