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Dominic’s Ceramics

Dominic’s Ceramics

Dominic Punch is a new and upcoming ceramic artist originally from Limerick and now based in Galway for the past 5 years. His work involves hand-built organic forms inspired by the geological landscapes of the West of Ireland

My work is a representation of the cycle of life. It is inspired by the karst landscapes of the West coast of Ireland. Nature and life always leave evidence of their presence, and it is this aspect of leaving a trace through the passage of time that finds expression in my work. This cycle is echoed within the ceramic process. Clay at its rawest form is at its most natural state which signifies the beginning of life. The firing process resonates with ritualistic practices which represent the end of life.

Having come to Galway to pursue my creative studies back in 2011, I was very surprised by how quick I fell in love with the way of life in Galway but more so the wildness of its landscape. With my inspiration coming from it geology and nature mixed with the modern cultured and creative city, I would hope to see myself remain here for the foreseeable future.

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