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Epoche Films

Epoche Films

Connemara based film production company that specializes in creating tailor-made films/videos for any purpose.

Epoché – Learning to look at things in a way such that we see only what stands before our eyes, only what we can describe and define, without bias or prejudice.


We are Epoche Films and our home is Connemara. Our aim is to provide clients with bespoke videos that help them achieve their own objectives, whatever they may be. We create and collaborate based on our interpretation of epoché. Through collaboration and examining what it is that our client wants we create a video that expresses the subject at hand, not just a template structure filled with their information.


We provide videos for a variety of purposes be that – Business owners who want to reach a wider audience. Musicians who need a video to promote their new hit single. Organizations who want to raise awareness on an important issue. Craftspeople who want to show the amount of effort that goes into their work. Instructional videos. Artistic pieces. Anything that can be expressed through audio-visual means!


Promotional Videos

Video marketing is essential for any business. Her...

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Music Videos

We love collaborating with musicians and adding ex...

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Personal/Artistic Pieces

Short films made in collaboration with inspiration...