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Gudrun Huld – designer

Icelandic Snowflake

Mjöll (SnowWhite)

A Snowflake in a christmasball

Decoration of waves

Icelandic Snowflake


An Eight leaf rose

Gudrun Huld – designer

Gudrun Huld is a freelance graphic designer from Akureyri, Iceland. She has designed ornaments made and manufactured in her hometown. 100 % Icelandic. The ornaments are made of aluminium and powder coded. The packaging is flat and easy to send. Gudrun Huld also makes logo design, ads, cards, videos and just everything the customer needs help with.

Gudrun Huld is also a dancer and she owns a dancestudio in her hometown for 400 students and set up 2 times a year a big danceshows in the cultural theather in Akureyri and many others  event through the year.

Facebook: Steps Dancecenter

Gudrun Huld design page on Facebook: Grafísk hönnun