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Helga Björg

Helga Björg

Product designer, visual artist, art teacher and experimental farmer.

My name is Helga, I am a product designer, artist, art teacher and experimental farmer.

I am child of nature and try to live in harmony with my environment.

I work with all kinds of concepts and in all kind materials, mostly available in my environment.

I like to collaborate with small companies and human resource in my neighborhood.

Each idea shapes the material and the development it requires.

Edda Gylfadóttir and me collaborate in design for Björg í bú designstudio.

Furthermore I like to nurture nature and all living beings and aim for sustainable living.


Screen Shot 2016 12 15 at 15.33.51

Peysuleysi is a multifunctional clothing made of I...

Playble Table including play factors

Playble, a coffee table with hidden play functions...

Screen Shot 2016 12 15 at 13.08.20
Hlýja - to keep your head warm

Hlýja is handknitted from Icelandic wool, designe...

Ruggandi - rocking chair

Simple light weight rocking chair, made of birch p...

The Knot

The Knot is a stool designed and made of 20 meters...

Screen Shot 2016 12 15 at 16.26.40
Stool from recycled rope ends

Recycling of ropes

Recycled Ropes

Recycled ropes inspired by ancient greek pottery, ...

Lanterns made of wax

Wax lanterns that I designed for Vaxandi a candle ...

CM2groandi banner
Gróandi - system for growing herbs in windows

Gróandi is designed to make growing herbs and urb...

Screen Shot 2016 12 15 at 07.34.39
Glacier candles

Hand cut candles shaped as piece of glacier, each ...