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Hiutale Aerials Oy

Hiutale Aerials Oy

Videoproduction company from Finland

Hiutale Aerials Oy produces made to order aerial photos and video with radio controlled multicopter. Our multicopters are made for different sizes of cameras so either you want GoPro or RED Epic, you will have smooth result. Multicopter can rise up to 150 meters from the ground and fly around on pilot’s eyesight. For example there is possibility to go from close-up to aerial landscape picture in single take. We are specialized in producing steady video. Our camera gimbal is based on gyrostabilization which keeps camera steady even in windy helicopterflight.

Camera operator operates camera in pan and tilt axels via wireless monitor. Stillphotography is also possible with wireless trigger. Aerial photography with multicopter is 3 times more affordable compared to aerial photography with real helicopter. Now cameracranes in movie business have an alternative which enables various ways of usage and takes you to the next step!