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Howling Hamster Games

Howling Hamster Games

Howling Hamster Games is currently working on Sub-Species

Howling Hamster started out as 2 guys squashed into a nephew’s dining room trying to make a game. Basically we are living the dream.

Trevor the artist and Manus the programmer got together in 2014 and started knocking around the idea for the game we are currently working on called Sub-Species. We spent a couple of months getting some basic ideas, artwork and mechanics sorted out. Then, when we figured that we had something good, we took the plunge and begged the unused dining room in Manus’s nephew’s house. We moved in the equipment, 3 computers, a microphone and our trusty little 2 bar heater to keep winter at bay and spent our 1st year there.

Then after a 6 month period in the Bank of Ireland’s incubation space, StartLab, we were lucky enough to become part of the Animation and Gaming Hub in GMIT , along side 3 other games and animation companies.