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Jonna Hyttinen Artist

Jonna Hyttinen Artist

I am a traditional artist living in a small city called Kemijärvi, Located in Eastern Lapland. I get my inspiration for my paintings from animals and nature.

I have been full time artist ever since I graduated from Lapland University of Applied sciences back in May 2017.  (Bachelor of Engineering)

Ever since I was a child I dreamed to be and artist but still I was mostly unsure what I would want to be. I got interested of information technologies 4 years ago, which is why I applied in Lapland Lapland University of Applied sciences. In the middle of my studies I found my love for art again and that’s how it all started. I started posting my art on Instagram and quickly build up a huge fan base, but at that time I still thought it was just a hobby until someone asked if she could buy one of my paintings! Slowly I started to think that this is the thing I want to do.

I focus on animals and nature on my paintings, and I mostly work with watercolors. I like to tell little and bigger stories with them, sad and happier once. I often choose big cats as my subject since I find them quite fascinating. With my works I aim to show the beauty withing nature and animals.

If any questions regarding me or my artworks, feel free to contact me!

Watercolor works

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Collaborations I have done with other artist mainl...