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Mimar Media

Mimar Media

An independent Irish production company. From idea to screen, we create content that entertains, engages and informs. Documentary | Film | Commercial

With a progressive and innovative approach to video production Mimar Media provides an all-in-one creative package that works from idea to screen. We assist our clients so they can effectively utilise the power of video by combining our creative talent, technical ability and experience to produce videos that are essential in today’s world as promotional, social media and training communication methods. From short commercial videos for marketing campaigns to feature length documentary films and everything in between, we collaborate to create the optimal delivery of any message through video.

Jane Clarke Shoot
Factual Documentary

A flavour of our documentary productions

Sheep Sculpture 7
Short Film

Using short films to present and promote people, p...

Empire Awards Mimar Media
Parody Video

2016 Empire Awards 'Done in 60 Seconds' nominated ...