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Mother Says Design

Mother Says Design

As a designer, my philosophy is to create timeless, elegant clothing and accessories. In 2016 I founded Mother Says Design with this philosophy forming the core of my company. Each product is made with the intention to live a long, adorned life with the discerning customer.

An innovative feature of my business is that I offer a bespoke service, working with customers to design custom made garments or accessories that are unique to them. Mother Says Designs target market are discerning individuals who have a keen eye for high quality clothing stylish clothing which will out-live the fast-paced fashion trends of today.

Historical elements in culture, nature and my surroundings are predominant subject themes in my work. In my approach to designing a product I focus on specific details such as; silhouette, fabric, cut and construction. I keep a close eye on the fit, practicality and style to ensure I produce creative, original designs that reflect my brand ethos.

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Mother Says Hurry Up!

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Mother Says Where's Your Bag?

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Mother Says Stand Up Straight!