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Samantha Moore Silversmith

Spinning Top Tea

Sterling Silver tea Infuser

Migration of Swallows

Brandy bowl

Mazagran Cups

Oxidised Silver Vessels

The Last Supper


Spotty Shots

Whisky Barrel

Samantha Moore Silversmith

Silversmith / Maker / Ritual Creator / Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland based silversmith Sam Moore graduated in 2009 from her BA in the University of Ulster and has recently completed her Masters .

Her work in the medium of silver and precious metal, investigates how objects, inherited, gifted, collected and found, tell the stories of our lives: the things we surround ourselves with and allow to occupy our most personal spaces in the rituals of our daily lives.

Combining a love of ritual, storytelling and of course a decent drink, the work often contains stories and interior scapes made out of silver and gold with precious and semi precious stones, layered with delicate pierced patterns in hand formed vessels.

“I concern myself with how an object, a simple cup, communicates through its material. How metal can be formed, forged, raised and manipulated in order to create a vessel and the capacity of that vessel to ‘contain’ something more.”

Silver provides a vehicle for an ongoing fascination with cups, vessels and drinking rituals.