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The Northern Paper Studio

Flower Curtain

Decorations for special occasions

The magic house in the forest

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Learn how to master the fine craftsmanship of Paper Cutting

Decoration for store windows

Family Tree

The Northern Paper Studio

Portfolio of papercut created for advertising assignments, decoration of business premises and private orders.


My name is Petra Staav and I live in the city of Sundsvall who located on the Baltic coast in northern Sweden. I am a paper artist and illustrator who creates in paper in all its forms and I really love this craft.

After about 6 months after I had started my company, I received a promotional mission of Sweden’s largest amusement park, Liseberg in Gothenburg. Their ice show was “Hansel and Gretel” as the theme and I cut out different shapes for them that the latter put together into various banners, advertisements and a promotional video.

My artworks vary in size and the largest papercut I created measuring 2.50 meters x 1.50 meters wide and was an order from Sundsvall Visitor Center to display the history of Sundsvall in their windows. They ordered two of these huge Papercuts and it was a challenge but a fun challenge.

But I really love to get private orders to create unique gifts to delight at weddings, baptisms, graduation and birthdays.