Precipice curated by Dana Hargrove

Dana Hargrove, Dawn Roe, Rachel Simmons and Lee Lines.

Childrens seminars


Rót Project

Salon des Refusés

Vaka Folk Arts Festival

Deiglan is a multi-purpose exhibition space, ideal for art and music. The facilities used to belong to the old dairy factories as well as most of the buildings in the Art Street.  When the dairy factories were moved artists and interested people founded the Gil Society with the aim of building up the Art Street as you find it today. This adventure started 25 years ago and is still going strong.

Deiglan is distinguished by the wooden stair platforms that take up a part of the space. This makes it ideal for all sort of live performances and also an interesting challenge for installations, videos, etc. Exhibitions are continuous throughout the year, with the highlight being Akureyri Art Summer that is celebrated all through the town.

We also run an artist residency, a studio and apartment in the same building where international artists get a chance to work and exhibit in Deiglan.

The Gil Society is a non-profit run by voluntaries and some support from our members and goodwill from the city.