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Published: 8 Jun 2017

DNK Media Productions

Established for over a year now, DNK Media Productions focuses on corporate and music video production. The business has its roots in music and sound recording. Before establishing DNK, co-founders Camilla Meegan and Kieran Kelly ran a mobile music recording studio and toured festivals. DNK are now based at the CoLab in Letterkenny.

DNK are currently developing a number of ideas to expand the business.  DNK is exploring the idea of streaming local content and also recently incorporated an educational element into its business model. The company runs courses on smartphone video production. As part of events held during Local Enterprise Week 2017 DNK ran a workshop demonstrating how professional video can be produced on a mobile phone, looking at for example how to frame shots, edit footage and add music.

DNK understands the importance of working actively to build networks with other local businesses and the community. Camilla explains: “We go to all the local business networking events…that would be our main way of getting our name out there…direct contact with people…of course we do the whole social media thing too but face to face is also very important”.  This helps to generate business, but is also a knowledge resource as Kieran points out: “You might get a bit of advice every now and again…and you might be able to give someone else a bit of advice too”.


The philosophy of DNK echoes aspects of the Lean Start-up method. This approach focuses on developing a business that uses resources as efficiently as possible and waste is minimal. For example when investing in new equipment DNK thoroughly researches options before purchase, which results in gaining better value for money, combined with the most effective technical specification for current needs.

It’s often been said that the greatest asset of a business is its people.  This is also a key part of DNK’s ethos. The company works to build relationships with other local businesses. This also follows through when on the job. DNK aim to create a relaxed environment and make people feel at ease in front of the camera. Camilla explains: “A big part of our job is people skills… It is a pressurised situation in front of the camera, so you have to relieve that as much as possible”.

Conscious they must adapt, take on new challenges and develop new projects, DNK attend events to meet new people and gain inspiration. For example the company attended Digital DNA in Armagh with the support of a creative momentum project last year. Kieran knows the importance of attending conferences and events to build networks but also it’s wider benefit. Kieran explains: “You learn from going to these events as well. Things change so rapidly and you have to keep up to date and know what’s happening…You need information to make decisions. You can’t make informed decisions if you don’t know what is out there”.



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