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Published: 9 Aug 2017

Elin Kristoffersson, Korona Dans

Stockholm can dominate the dance scene in Sweden but performing artists on the periphery are helping to strengthen the local dance sector driving the development of new, original productions. One of these is Elin Kristoffersson of Korona Dans.

Elin had a desire to dance from an early age. At 19 she began studying dance in Härnösand. From there she went to Balettakademien in Gothenburg. At the age of 23 Elin graduated as a professional dancer and moved to Stockholm to further develop her artistic practice. This brought opportunities to work on a variety of different projects and build contacts across the performing arts and dance scene: “It was hard to go there with no contacts but there are a lot of dance people in Stockholm…I could train every day to keep up and build on my education with other types of dance, meet choreographers, teachers and other influences”.


But Elin also had a strong desire to focus on expressing her own artistic voice. She set up her own production company Korona Dans in 2009. It was in Västernorrland she felt best placed to have the company take firm roots and develop: “There is a need for more dance here, more art…it is not crowded with too many creative ideas…it is also inspiring because of the environment, nature…there is space”.

Collaboration forms a key part of how Elin develops new dance projects.  Since returning to Västernorrland, Elin has become well connected in the local creative community. Working with other local creative professionals is important to the business.  Korona Dans has collaborated with Theatre Soja on a number of theatre productions that also incorporate a strong dance element. They’ve co-produced Bråklådan a performance aimed at children aged three to seven and Sundsvallsbor 3.0, which explores a vision for Sundsvall in 2021.


The work of Korona Dans has also been inspired by literary works. For example the solo dance ‘Tremblings’ focuses on man’s exploitation of nature. It is inspired by the work of local writer Alfhild Agrell, also helping to preserve and revive Agrell’s work.

Through Korona Dans Elin has successfully harnessed local opportunities. This comes from hard work and a passion for dance.  Perseverance is also central to the continuing development of projects.  Korona Dans is keen to connect with new local markets. Schools have been a good outlet for Elin and she’s working on marketing to connect with a diverse audience, from festivals to business events.



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