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Published: 1 Jun 2017

EverWhatProductions received support to attend Cannes MipTV2017

Our trip to Cannes MipTV 2017 started on 2 April from Oulu. Together with Antti Kaarlela and Antti Kairakari we travelled there to promote our two new live-action children’s tv-shows called Ferdie and Flippie.

Our days at the market consisted of going round the marketplace Palais de Festival, talking to people, and taking pictures with them. In other words, we were there to be seen and interact with people. We had also made a playful survey (the person had to tell whether they’d been naughty or nice). The survey was printed on our business card so we were able to spread them nicely. We also gave out gingerbread cutters as small gifts. By doing all this, we gained a lot of attention and many, many people came to us to ask who we were and what is the thing we were doing. We also got some attention on social media: MipTV posted a picture on their Instagram profile. In addition a lot of people both inside the MipTV market area and on the streets took selfies and pictures with us.

It was really wonderful for us to be a part of this trip to Cannes. It was very interesting to get to experience a big market like this, and it was great for our group to experience it and work on our goals together. Having us elves helping with the promotion, and simply being around for potential customers and audience really helped us to stand out from others.

Thank you so much for giving us this experience!
Anna Kurttila & Vertti Aula


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