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Published: 1 May 2017

Julius Oförsagd participated at Salone del Mobile Milano

One of the world’s most impressive and largest design gatherings is held annually in Milan. The event includes the Salone del Mobile Milano – an interior decoration and furniture fair, as well as a series of different events that formulates Milan Design Week. Attracting visitors in the thousands from all corners of world, they come to get a peep at the latest trends in furniture design.

An opportunity I could not resist! I received a trade fair voucher that allowed me the pleasure of travelling to Milan and taking part in this extraordinary experience. In this epicentre of some of the world’s top designers, I was excited to be inspired by what was trending in the design scene. Walking the paths of the Salone del Mobile Milan fair was an eye opening experience. The “bigness” of it and the way it systematically worked was inspiring to say the least. It sparked courage in me to dream bigger with my own design projects and to dare to do something that stands apart from the generic style of the masses.

Another highlight and goal I had was to attend the World’s Design Weeks Network Meeting. It was a collection of producers and designers discussing about future partnership and cooperation possibilities. It allowed me the opportunity to be further educated as to what is happening in other design weeks around the world as well as make valuable and enriching contacts.

The trade voucher gave me the exposure to observe Milan doing what it does best – spotlight stellar design. As the producer of the world’s most northern design week -Arctic Design Week, I will take the inspiration I received from Milan and use it to spark creativity in my future projects. When something conceived inspiration, it is safe to say it was a success!


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