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Published: 21 Jun 2017

Petteri Stavén, Creative Director, Mutant Koala Pictures

Mutant Koala Pictures is a production company based Oulu, Northern Finland. In its short six years of existence, the company has built a broad portfolio of services from photography to production services, as well as web-series and corporate video production. Mutant Koala also has its first feature film in development with shooting planned for this summer.

Ahead of his visit to the Galway Film Feadh this July we recently caught up with Petteri Stavén, Creative Director at Mutant Koala to understand more about the company’s ambitions and being a filmmaker in Northern Finland.  Petteri will also be among the speakers at a half-day creative exchange being held in NUI Galway, Ireland on 12th July on ‘Screen Industries on the Periphery’. Find out more and book a place at this free event here 

Having been to international festivals such as Berlin and Cannes, Mutant Koala is well versed on the festival circuit. The company aims to work in the screen industry nationally and internationally and in the context of operating from a peripheral location, Petteri knows the importance of actively and continuously working to establish new connections: “The best way to create a connection is to go to a festival and meet people…it also takes time and money of course but hopefully in the future something will form from that, like a co-production”.

The company’s namesake is linked to one of its first productions. Petteri explains: “In the first animated short film we made there was a giant mutant koala that destroyed a whole city”. One of Mutant Koala’s specialties is developing high quality content focused around the superhero and comic-book genre.

Oulu is a hub for media and technology companies in Northern Finland. Nokia’s legacy in the city left behind a skilled workforce, some of which started their own tech, games and media companies. The Oulu Games Campus aims to act as a hub for media and games in the region. Mutant Koala will move to the Oulu Games Campus next year and looks forward to the advantages the facility will bring, such as green screen and recording studio space.



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