Published: 28 Aug 2017

Creative space is a great place to work

On 24th of August, I had a pleasure to meet some people who are working in a some kind of creative space. The space is called Roihub and my job was find out how is it to work there.


Roihub is combination of an office hotel and a business hub, which is located in Rovaniemi in Lapland. There are about 20 companies from various fields in Roihub. Some of the companies are from creative fields.

Reddo Partners Oy is an advertising agency and one of the companies, which is working in Roihub. Roihub has been established in 2014 and Reddo Partners Oy has been involved that from the beginning.

“I started my business in 2008 and first I had a home office. When Roihub was established, our company moved here. As a company, we have got so much from Roihub for example financial benefit. Also we have got many friends. We have so great people here, we laugh a lot so well-being at work is really good.” Says Jani Siivola the chief executive officer of Reddo Partners Oy.

One of the benefits, which Roihub is offering is a chance to network. When people are working in different fields, it gives a possibility to create various business opportunities. “In Roihub, we help each other’s and this is a good way to learn different ways to do the work. We get ideas from each other’s and the most important thing is to get some feedback about your own work from the others,” Tells Jani.

My name is Jenni Kemi and I am working as a project worker in a Creative Momentum project. I will graduate as a Bachelor of Business Administration in this autumn and I have specialized for marketing. In this project my duty is to contact businesses and freelancers working in the creative industries sector in Northern Finland to showcase their work on MyCreativeEdge website.



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