Published: 18 Apr 2018

Get listed on Cool Route

The Cool Route Cruising Ground, described in the International Yachting Press as the World’s Most Adventurous Cruising Ground, is one of the most attractive coastlines globally and stretches from Cork, in the South of Ireland to Western and Northern Ireland, on to Western Scotland and then to the Faroe Islands and to Tromso, in Western Norway.

Like Creative Momentum, Cool Route is a project co-financed by the Interreg Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme. The aim of Cool Route has been to strengthen the market reach and customer base for SMEs in remote communities, develop an exclusive product package to attract high end customers, develop a joint marketing strategy and ICT solution and design a marketing model focusing on “place based” development opportunities for a very wide range of  tourism, activity holidays, cultural and heritage attractions, local produce, crafts, restaurants and marine services.


The project is interested in bringing new business opportunities to local enterprises, based on increased marine tourism.

The project has developed and launched a Geographical Information System (GIS), which is a map based platform, covering all aspects of voyaging the Cool Route . It includes a self-registration capability for local enterprises to offer products, services and activities to marine visitors, be they be arriving by private craft, small liner or super-yachts. Visits by all of these vessel types are steadily increasing in all areas of the Cool Route.

Operators of these craft are actively seeking local products, services and activity packages for their guests.

Already 200 coastal enterprises have registered their product offerings on the Cool Route’s Plan Your Voyage system, which together with the enterprise self-registration facility, is accessible from the main menu.

Creative enterprises located along the Cool Route Cruising Ground are encouraged to consider this business opportunity relating to the marine tourism sector.


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