Published: 23 Jan 2017

New Video Tutorials on Publishing your MyCreativeEdge Profile

We’ve just published four new Video Tutorials showing you exactly how to create and publish a Profile on MyCreativeEdge.eu to showcase your creative work to potential international clients and collaborators.

Step 1: Getting Started

The first tutorial explains the importance of your ‘Key Info’ which is what site visitors see when your Profile is featured on the Home page.


Step 2: Showcasing Your Work

The next tutorial takes you through the Main Content of your Profile page, this is where you tell people about your activities and visually showcase your work.


Step 3: Featured Items

This tutorial describes the optional feature of adding a slideshow to the top of your Profile page.


Step 4: Making Yourself Known

The final video outlines how to add your contact and social media details and logo. It also shows how you publish your profile.


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