Published: 21 Feb 2018

All the way from the World’s Northernmost Design Week

Julius Oförsagd is a designer, producer and consultant from Northern Finland. He is the mind behind Arctic Design Week – a festival celebrating design in all its forms.  Most importantly, Julius is one of the speaker at ‘a creative momentum project’ closing conference on 1 March.

Julius runs The Arctic Factory (Julius Oförsagd Company Ltd) – a creative house with 2 divisions: the Arctic Design Factory and the Arctic Production Factory. The Design Factory deals service, industrial and product design. The Arctic Production Factory provides production and event management services from conception to execution. It has been involved in different types of creative work including plays, festivals and films.

Julius’ passion is to support companies that want to embed design in their ways of doing business, while working as an ambassador for Arctic design. In 2017, Julius was the Lapland coordinator of Finland’s 100 year celebration. He is also Chairman of the Lapland Creative and Culture Industries cluster.

Want to know more? Join us for ‘a creative momentum project’ closing conference in Galway. The event is free but registration is mandatory.

To learn more about the conference and register, click here.


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