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Ann McBride Ceramic Design

Ann McBride Ceramic Design

Artist, illustrator and ceramic designer, Ann has had a strong career in graphic design. Her ceramic practice and love of print has provided her with a new creative energy.

While my career has been in graphic design, I returned to college to complete an Honours Degree in Ceramic Design in LSAD in 2016. This led me to explore surface decoration and discovering a new canvas in ceramic. With a background in design and print I was very interested in surface decoration and the printing techniques used on clay. My work is conceptual, referencing classical form and figure, I use contemporary elements like tattoos to subvert the work and to deliver a message. Feminism, underlined with humour is a regular theme. Continuing the theme of subverting the familiar, the narrative is revealed through the layering, interaction and use of a series of everyday objects.

The process I use begins with creating original watercolours. The ceramic form is determined by the illustration/painting. The image is digitally converted to produce decals which are fired on to the glazed ceramic surface. Slip cast porcelain forms and fine bone china are then arranged to form the narrative.

A recipient of the Purchase Award at LSAD, I have featured in the ‘Touchstone’ exhibition in 2017/18 with Ceramics Ireland. I was delighted to receive the FutureMaker Studio Support Award from the Design and Craft Council of Ireland in 2017.