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Inari handicrafts

Inari handicrafts

Inari Handicrafts makes woollen shawls in Inari, Lapland, Finland.

My name is Anne and I have lived in Inari over 30 years.

I have always done something with my hands. Although I am working now as a financial manager, my evenings and my vacations are full with handicrafts.

I suppose I have inherited the fire for handicrafts from my parents. My father used to do woodwork and my mother was happy with the looms.

I love colors, especially orange and red. My shawls have stories, because I feel that the patterns come somewhere.

When I was in high school I participated in a writing competition (which I actually won). I wrote a fantasy about me having my own handicraft company. And later when I started to sell my woolen shawls my father gave me the story and the press clipping he had saved all this time.

I love to wander in the wilderness, like to fish and just float in the lake Inarijärvi. I can’t deny that doing things with my hands takes me in some space I want to stay long times.

Making shawls gives me peace and happiness and if someone likes them so much as to buy it makes me even happier.