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Irish Felt Fairy

Irish Felt Fairy

I make-believe become reality, with wet felted wool fairies and other imaginary creatures.

What would the world look like without imagination and without fairies. Fairies are impossible to catch. So I  came up with a plan to create them myself.

All fairies of mine are  hand reared and are easy to keep. They are created with wet felted merino wool, a lot of elbow grease and  imagination. They are very light and about 25-30 cm tall. I can ask them to sit, stand or fly.

It’s impossible to ever make the same fairy again, they are very much an individual. Their face is hand stitched with tiny stitches and so are their clothes. Their wings are bird feathers.

In my collection you can find fairies, gnomes, snails and other creatures that find their way into my felting studio.

Ps:I run courses throughout the year if you would like to felt your own fairy.Lots of information is on my website.www.irishfeltfairy.com

And of course there are always a few fairies looking for new homes too.

Thanks for stepping into my world.