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Keith Drury Art

The Goose of St George

A vibrant representation of iconic Belfast landmarks

Causeway Bay

Features well-known places from the North Coast of Ireland

London Way

Famous London landmarks feature in stunning 3D colour

Keith Drury Art

'Why dream in black and white when you can dream in colour?' Keith Drury is a Belfast born artist who believes extraordinary art always starts with being dissatisfied with the ordinary - reinventing what is there already and not being the same as everybody else. Extraordinary art will always have the power to surprise.

Months of exacting work go into each of Keith’s detailed artworks and they often yield surprises to those who are eagle-eyed or use magnifying glasses! Each print is a top quality Giclée print on acid free paper – each one printed at the studio itself and not outsourced. 

Keith’s art has received a public national commission and is on permanent display to the public in Belfast City Hall. Commercially his art has found its way into every world continent, appeared in advertising campaigns, jigsaws and luxury chocolate tins. His art has been used by the rich and famous but is created simply to be enjoyed and to be a talking point on anybody’s wall. Perhaps we could summarise Keith’s art by amending Oscar Wilde’s famous expression ‘Art is too important to be taken seriously!

Keith cannot remember a time when he did not draw or make ‘stuff’ but his introduction into the more serious art world began when the owner of a prestigious gallery took Keith under his wing lending him works of international artists to take home and copy. On return the gallery owner would assess Keith’s style and then test him with something completely different. Now Keith after years of trying new things and mediums has developed his own unique style. He says: ‘I always want to create more, to invent more, to surpass what is ordinary. This is what drives me: to do something more, to do something different’ and anyone who views Keith’s work will have to admit it is unique – a rarity in a world where it seems anything anyone tries has been done before.

Keith has been approached by a number of the UK’s largest art publishers but has resolved to remain completely independent as an artist although he has partnered with several art publishers where his independence has not been compromised. 

All of Keith’s work is created at his own studios and gallery on the Belmont Road in Belfast.  Visitors to the gallery can browse the full range of Keith’s work and also experiment with interactive screens to learn about the intricate processes involved in sculpting the vibrant 3D models used to create his artworks. Open Monday – Saturday 9.30am to 5.30pm.