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Margareta Sörlin

Margareta Sörlin

I make tapestries of wool and linen. The pictures wants to convey feelings such as curiosity and beauty. The tapestries are ment for both private and public environments.

Margareta Sörlin has the last fifteen years been working with tapestry weaving. The work is slow and requires a lot of patience but is it also fulfilling and meditative.

Here we can see a sample of tapestries where every piece has taken about a year to finish.

On a standing loom without pedals and beater, a sturdy warp of linen is arranged. The fingers pick thread by thread and the yarn is placed by hand. The woof consists of wool that covers the warp. Some of the yarn is spun and dyed by hand.

The inspiration comes from the connection between our concrete world; perceived through the infinitessmal neurons in our brains, and the unfathomable realms – our expanding universe.

The pictures wants to convey feelings such as curiousity, beauty, fascination and amazement regarding our world and our position in it.

The images comes from fleeting perceptions; a sight, a memory, a thought or an impression; glimpses from the ever changing stream of consciousness.