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Patricia Millar Ceramics

Patricia Millar Ceramics

Patricia’s ceramic forms echo the landscape and ancestry of the Irish countryside. Particular locations are choosen for their geology, human history and landscape flora.

Clay is dug, reeds, grasses and wood gathered. Bowls, vessels and forms are wheel thrown, altered or hand- built. These are pit fired giving a unique colour signature.

Rushes, grasses and clay are combined to make Bog Land bowls.

Large, site specific pieces can be commissioned telling a story about your environment or smaller pieces fired with organics specific to you, such as special bouquet to create a forever keepsake.

Her work is not just about a place but made from its very essence.


Patricia’s work has been selected for BBC “The Art Show”, RUA, Commission for Seamus Heaney HomePlace, exhibitions and shows in Ireland, England and Sweden. Her studio is located on the Ards Peninsula. Patricia is a permanent maker with the ND Craft Collective. 2 Day Pit Firing Workshops are available and a Firebird Service.Visit web site for details.


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