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Susivilla is a Lappish slowfashion brand from Rovaniemi. Handwoven shawls in natural fibers are made at the artists home studio in Rovaniemi. I also design woven textiles for industrial looms.

Susivilla was started in 2012 with the intention of creating locally made, cozy and warm wool accessories.

Quickly the products evolved to also publishing patterns for handweaving in Finnish craft magazine TAITO and designing limited edition woven fabrics for the industrial loom.

Today, Susivilla is set on producing designs that last for generations and contributing to sustainable fashion consumption.

Specific items for home interiors are also available on custom order.

Love working together with likeminded people on interesting projects, so be in touch if you’d like to create something cool together!

MG 6877
Handwoven shawls

Each shawl is unique. Made in limited collections ...

IMG 1298

Scandinavian rugs and unique interior textiles mad...

MG 9809
From the weaving mill

Susivilla also designs for the industrial weaving ...