Deep In Thought

Published: 7 Jun 2017

Bangor Walled Garden Sculpture Exhibition

The Bangor Walled garden Exhibition is open to the public until the end of June (29th) My entry is positioned in the open steel arboretum in the garden in the top right  corner. It is an architectural kiln formed glass Chandelier /wind chime and mobile designed to reflect the vibrant colours of the main leaves of hedgerows and woodlands in Northern Ireland.

There is nothing quite like seeing the beauty of the Northern Ireland countryside and how hedgerows mark the landscape, distinguishing boundaries between fields, woodland and roads. Hedgerows also provide a variety of wildlife with shelter and food giving them the natural support they require.

Sadly, there has been a decline in native hedgerows over the past few decades;

The wind chime mobile will not only be a moving visual sculpture but is also designed to encourage landowners to ‘boost’ hedgerows back into life.


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