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Published: 25 Apr 2017

Creativetracks.org, a new platform for creatives from all around the world

Creative Tracks aims to connect creative professionals worldwide and foster creative entrepreneurship within the creative industries sector. The project, which encourages cross-cultural cooperation, is co-funded by the European Union and involves 5 European partners active worldwide.

Creative Tracks runs a platform, which can be used to connect, share ideas and concerns, and find new partners to develop new initiatives. Anyone interested in creativity can become a member of this platform, for free. Members can develop their own profiles, by adding both visual and written content. They can discover and follow other members, including networks and organisations from all over the world. They can connect with – that is ‘friend’ other members. So far, so good – the Creative Tracks platform works like any other social network.

The real added value for me is given by the Ideation Labs. The potential of Ideation Labs is never-ending. An Ideation Lab is essentially a concept, which a member posts online for other members to see and comment on. I have been thinking about how this virtual space can be used, in practical terms: artists could publish calls for expression of interest in their collaborative projects; researchers could test their research questions and ask for feedback on their research methodologies; polls; blogs; international promotion; cross-cultural research…

Independently from how one uses the Ideation Labs, you can be sure that your message will reach out to international communities. This will happen whether you are actually connected with members from different countries or not.

If you simply want to use Ideation Labs as discovery opportunities, you can. Again, the good thing is that you will be exposed to international projects, views from different countries, different ways of doing things, novel concepts.

I encourage the creative minds in this network (and anyone who reads this post really) to join the Creative Tracks platform. Find my profile and connect with me!

I am looking forward to writing more about the Creative Tracks platform. Stay tuned!


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