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Published: 8 Dec 2016

Making your creative business data driven

Organised by the Western Development Commission under a creative momentum project the Creative Exchange ‘So Much Data, So Little Time’ focused on using online data and web analytics tools in creative enterprises. Just in case you missed it, we’ve put together a few of the key messages emerging from discussions on the day.

Reaching customers in a digital world

First up was Kevin Neary, founder of Connectors Marketplace. Kevin discussed digital selling, the importance of connecting with buyers at a distance and how social media provides an opportunity to meet the modern buyer. Reaching your customer through their social media channels can be a way to build up a genuine rapport with them in the digital world.

Website design with personality

The hands on experience of how creative businesses have tailored their websites was also shared at the event. Ainslie Peters from Nádhúra, a design company specialising in furniture, and Dina Coughlan from Tremlo Songs, a music publishing company with a focus on synchronization licensing, both emphasised the importance of communicating the personality and focus of your business through its website design. For example Dina pointed out that its design aims to reflect the musicians they represent, as well as build their Leitrim location into their brand by using some imagery representing the local landscape.

Tips on tailoring your ecommerce platform

Ainslie also explored Nádhúra’s experience of re-developing its ecommerce platform. This began with a data review assessing for example where customers came to its site from, how long they stayed there and what keywords drove people to the Nádhúra site. This then informed their new approach where they now have a site focused on visuals and that is less text heavy. Overall the new approach has had positive impacts with an increase in return visitors.

Market and market again

Turning return visits into sales can also be driven by ‘re-marketing’ to these same visitors. Joanne Casey of GlowMetrics discussed how through using Google Analytics you can create re-marketing lists to target customers that have already visited your site.  A customer may have visited your site and added an item to their basket, but not completed their purchase. Following up perhaps a week later offering them a discount could encourage them to complete the sale. However if re-marketing, Joanne pointed out three important principles: Keep it timely, relevant and also if possible offer an incentive.

Get hands on with web analytics

Joanne Casey of GlowMetrics also explored the practicalities of web analytics detailing free tools from Google Analytics. She emphasised that you should first identify some goals, such as how long would you ideally like the visitor to stay on the site, and then use analytics tools to track these. Learning by doing is key to using web analytics tools. Joanne recommends Avinash Kaushik’s blog for tips and hints. Creative Digest also has a good two part article focused on web analytics for creative businesses.


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