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Published: 30 Jan 2018

New friendship abroad through a Creative2Creative Matching Programme

A talented illustrator and a friendly, open minded soul came to pick me up at the bus station in Derry. I didn’t really know what to expect as we never met before, but luckily, she is fun and easy to talk to. Ruth and I have been matched through a Creative2Creative Matching Programme here on MyCreativeEdge.

A Creative2Creative Matching Programme, what is that? It sounds complicated! I pondered almost two years before I decided to apply. But it’s actually pretty simple; two persons working in the creative sector, living in different geographical places, is matched with each other and coordinated by an external mentor to inspire each other and share knowledge and experiences.

Mostly these connections are made through Skype or other digital devices but in November last year I travelled to North West Ireland to meet a person I never met before, and it turned out to be some really great days in Ireland!

The person I have been matched with is running three different businesses; Ruth Graham Illustration & Design, Aye Do and Visual Newsdesk. She is an illustrator also doing graphic design and I am a graphic designer, also doing illustrations. A pretty good match in my opinion. We work in similar fields but at the same time we do very different kind of jobs. It’s useful to watch and learn from each other. Ruth teached me the basics of doing a simple animation for example, and I have now created my first own animation.

It’s interesting to see how other designers work and what type of jobs they do. But my stay in Ireland wasn’t only about work. Ruth also showed me around in North West Ireland and let me meet her friends.

Me and Ruth have some ideas of a project to work on together, but the best thing of being part of this programme is to get to know a new person that share your interest in design and illustration! The only thing you give in return is time. That’s not a tiny thing for a small and hard working business trying to earn the living. That’s why it took me so long to finally decide to join. But if you get the opportunity to try a programme like this I recommend that you take the chance! It is a fantastic opportunity to get to know a person you probably never had met otherwise, and it’s a great forum to discuss and develop your business and career.

Thanks’ a lot for your hospitality Ruth and good luck with your companies! Let’s keep on collaborate in whatever speed that suits us best!

Kristina Jeppson
No Gadget Design


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