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Published: 6 Jan 2017

Support for a more ‘Creative Ireland’

Late last year, the five-year government initiative, Creative Ireland was launched. At its core is the aim to improve access to cultural and creative activity in every county of Ireland. The initiative has received broad ranging support from the cultural sector.

Running from 2017 to 2022, Creative Ireland includes prioritisation of children’s access to art, music, drama and coding, as well as enhancing the provision of culture and creativity in every community. It aims to further develop Ireland as a global hub for film and TV production, empower and support our artists and drive investment in our cultural institutions. From 2018, an annual ‘County of Culture’ will be held annually.

Creative Ireland is built around five pillars:

  • Enabling the creative potential of every child
  • Enabling creativity in every community
  • Investing in our creative and cultural infrastructure
  • Ireland as a centre of excellence in media production
  • Unifying our global reputation

Initiatives to be delivered in 2017 include an industry wide, long term plan to develop Ireland as a global hub for film, TV drama and animation as well as an investment programme for Ireland’s cultural and heritage infrastructure. In 2017 each Local Authority will appoint a ‘Culture Team’ to drive local needs and publish a Culture Plan for their county.

Creative Ireland aims to bring an enhanced level of coordination, focus and leadership to existing policies and initiatives across national and local government, as well as the public and private sectors.


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