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Published: 28 Mar 2018

Tools to shape creative business models

Resources for creative entrepreneurs to help develop their business are being created as part of a creative momentum project.

One recently published resource is our Creative Business Model Toolkit, which is divided into two main sections. The first is ‘Understanding’ which explores what business models are and why they are important. The second is ‘Shaping’ and this includes three types of practical tools to assist creative entrepreneurs apply knowledge to shape and refine a creative business model.

Download the full toolkit here, or the different tools at the links below.


Each worksheet is focused around a series of questions, providing examples to stimulate thought, as well as space to plot your own ideas.  Our first worksheet lists some questions to help you decipher if your business model needs some attention. Advice tells us that business models should be revisited regularly. The second looks at stimulating ideas around how an existing business model might be further enhanced by capturing more value from it through for example personalisation of products or services. The third worksheet focuses on partnerships and if your business could benefit from working closer with current partners or develop new partnerships.

  • Worksheet 1: Ask Yourself – Do you need to re-assess your business model? Download here
  • Worksheet 2: Ask Yourself – Can you make more of your existing business model by capturing more value from it? Download here
  • Worksheet 3: Ask Yourself – Do you need to work closer with current partners or develop new partnerships? Download here

Revenue stream glossaries

We’ve developed two glossaries around revenue streams. They are a foundational building block of any business model and a range of diverse revenue streams are discussed in the creative industries context. The first looks at different types of revenue streams and their key characteristics. The second summarises the sub-sectors they can be relevant to. We hope the glossaries help to de-mystify the vast array of terms used to describe revenue streams, as well as understand their potential place amongst the revenue streams that form part of your business model.

  • Download the revenue stream glossaries here

Case studies and template to analyse your own business model

Three generic case studies illustrate how a business model might be structured in practice. One looks at a craft business, the second a business in the games sector and the third a theatre company. We also provide a blank business model template, modelled on the Business Model Canvas.

  • Download the generic case studies and template here

We’ve produced on a series of other short articles about our Creative Business Model Toolkit.

  • Read the article ‘Business models for more sustainable and competitive creative enterpriseshere
  • Read the article ‘Explore business models through the experiences of peripheral creative entrepreneurshere


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