Published: 23 Aug 2019

Arts Cabaret 19

When? 20 September 2019 / 7.00pm : 12.00pm. JJ Harlow's Bar The Square Roscommon.

Arts Cabaret
Arts Cabaret curated by time based Art organisation M2 Noel Molloy and Patrick Anderson McQuoid.
Arts Cabaret are events run in public venues to enable artists to create performance, perform poetry , music, storytelling, comedy, dance and mime or what the performer chooses and show artworks such as installations, paintings, sculpture. As part of the event the FAXBOX PROJECT is run, see https://faxboxart.weebly.com/ for details. Both professionals and amateurs are given the platform to experiment and try new material in front of the public audience, plus gain the experience of live performance.

Time: 7.30pm – 11:30pm

Genres: Music / Performance

Facilities: Bar

Features: Wheelchair accessible


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