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Published: 3 Feb 2017

Davin Larkin will partipate in Arctic Design Week

Davin Larkin is a qualified furniture & industrial designer and a design educator with a wealth of experience in the Irish Furniture Industry. From 2009 to 2016 Davin ran his own design studio called Kooyong Design that offered a range of batch products and consultancy services. In late 2016 Davin decided to bring his role as an educator and designer under one identity, his own name.

As a Product Development lecturer, Davin mainly teaches on the BSc. in Furniture Design and Manufacture. His role involves curriculum development with the aim of improving the role design plays within Galway-Mayo Institute Technology, Letterfrack courses.

Davin designs his own range of furniture and homewares. Davin’s products are highly functional pieces for which he strives to create uncomplicated designs that enhance the user’s enjoyment of every piece.

On the opportunity to attend Arctic Design Week, Davin says: “I hope to to forge links with other creatives with similar ideologies and look at the possibility of creating new products collaboratively”. As a design educator, Davin is also interested in discussing research projects.

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