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Published: 26 Sep 2016

#mycreativeedgers – Maurice Meade’s collaboration with Willow Design & Publishing

In 2013, Co. Sligo based artist Maurice Meade set up his MyCreativeEdge profile to showcase his original paintings to a wider audience and connect with creative people.

Oil on canvas by Maurice Mead

Benbulben Co. Sligo – Oil on canvas by Maurice Mead

Maurice Meade and David Knight at Willow Design & Publishing Ltd from Co. Roscommon discovered one another through their MyCreativeEdge profiles.

David wished to create a Willow WB Yeats calendar using original artwork. Maurice’s paintings and WB Yeats poetry share an appreciation for the beautiful landscape of County Sligo, local history, music and culture. David needed twelve paintings to pair with twelve WB Yeats poems for the calendar.

Oil on canvas by Maurice Meade

The Fiddler of Dooney – Oil on canvas by Maurice Meade

At Maurice’s art studio, they chose five existing paintings as a starting point. Then Maurice created eight bespoke original paintings based on his interpretation of the remaining poems for the calendar.

At his studio, David professionally photographed the paintings and demonstrated to Maurice the process and technology that Willow would use to design and produce the final calendar product. In addition, Maurice attended the Willow exhibit at Showcase Ireland at the RDS in Dublin to learn about how the calendar would be merchandised and marketed in Ireland and abroad.

This collaboration through the MyCreativeEdge website provided Maurice Meade and Willow with an opportunity to create a unique commercial product which celebrates the poetry of WB Yeats and Co. Sligo.

The Willow WB Yeats calendar and accompanying products featuring paintings by Maurice Meade are available to buy at the Tea House and Craft Shop at Drumcliffe Church Co. Sligo where WB Yeats is laid to rest beneath Benbulben’s head, at retailers across Ireland and as far as the USA.

If you, like Maurice, have connected through the MyCreativeEdge website or have been inspired by a creative on the website, let us know! Contact us at support@mycreativeedge.eu 



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