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Published: 19 Jul 2016

‘Walking through life without restriction’: Bearfoot Enterprise at Urkult Festival

Bearfoot Enterprise is the name of a brand established by Urs Harttung in 2016. Urs is a designer, producer and educator that makes re-cycled goods with an Irish touch.  The brand name is a play on the owner’s first name – urs, Latin for ‘bear’ – and being barefoot meaning walking through life without restriction.

Bearfoot Enterprise combines craft and design with sustainability to create products, installations and events that are functional, fun and have an elegant beauty.

Wood and other materials used are locally sourced and when possible recycled material are incorporated into the design and packaging. Bearfoot Enterprise also uses leather, textiles, metal and plastic.

The products range from toys, musical instruments and furniture for children and adults to organic marquees such as tepees and yurts. At Urkult festival, which is a world music event, Urs will bring a brilliant new instrument called Coo-jo – a tin banjo whose structure and case are made of up-cycled materials.


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