Published: 30 Jan 2017

Creative2Creative Matching: 3rd call for applications now open

Creative2Creative Matching pairs creative entrepreneurs from the arts, crafts, design or media & technology sectors from across Northern Finland, West of Ireland, Mid-Sweden and the South East of Northern Ireland.   Each pair works together online over a 6 month period (approx. 2 hours a month) to share their experiences of working in the sector in different countries.

At the outset the matched pair set a number of key objectives to be achieved together during the programme and learn about emerging opportunities in the sector in their partner’s country.  The connection will help each to expand their international network and explore opportunities for joint international projects.

There have been 2 calls for applications to date and the 3rd call is now open with a deadline of 28 February 2017. 

Among the participants in previous rounds were Finland’s Pasi Hakkio who was matched with Northern Ireland’s David Henderson, as well as Fiona Concannon from Ireland who was matched with Rachel Sayers from Northern Ireland.  Antti Kaarlela from Finland and Emma Owen from Ireland, both filmmakers, were also matched.

In order to apply to the programme, applicants must be registered, and have published a Profile, on the re-developed MyCreativeEdge.eu website.

You can register to join MyCreativeEdge here

Apply for Creative2Creative Matching here

Deadline 28 February 2017


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