Published: 22 Mar 2016

A Great Example of a Co-Working Space

The Hub Newry is a great example of a co-working space that has achieved design excellence while being in itself a sustainable enterprise for the husband and wife team Suzanne and Patrick Murdock.

As one of the first to bring such a concept to Northern Ireland The Hub Newry was created with the knowledge of such spaces operating successfully in other global cities but primarily with hard work and perseverance.

They have regenerated a disused space using upcycled materials and have reinvented it as a thriving co-working space, now home to a variety of businesses from media and app development through to architects and designers.

When starting up, the first residents were those who travelled or had experience working abroad and had seen the benefits of co-working.

The Hub was able to build upon this foundation and through embracing new concepts and businesses as well as a ‘can do’ culture, continued networking and tenacity they are now operating at near capacity with a view to opening a new space in the area to meet demand.

Businesses have responded very positively to the working environment with cluster businesses generating referrals, contacts and shared expertise.

The growth of The Hub Newry is down to not just successful management and marketing but also the businesses using the space are growing and choose to remain in the co-working space but progress to private offices within the building, understanding of the benefits that this can bring.

The Newry Hub is providing small business with not just a working environment that meets their needs but is proof that such a space can exist in Northern Ireland as a sustainable, self-funded concept.


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